Portable Security Gates

Portable Security Gate Sales & Custom Made To Your Specifications.Portable Security Gates
Our portable security gates are manufactured with super duty galvanized steel that can endure year round weather conditions like heat, rain and snow. Folding security gates can also withstand the harshest commercial chemicals or cleaners.

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Portable security gates fold up and roll out of the way and out of sight when not being used. Mobile security gates are perfect for temporary access control that seals off access to any area temporarily and still allow multiple entry points.

Tampa Bay’s portable gates are Riveted with aircraft grade aluminum Rivets. Aircraft quality rivets hold up to more stress and they will not rust, crack and the webbing will not split.  Have an unusual size space to secure? No problem we can custom build a portable gate to your specifications.

Our portable access folding gates can be used practically anywhere and any way you need them, including, sealing off school hallways, closing elevator banks, close access to offices, factories, industrial plants or warehouses.  Because gates are easy to fold up they allow easy access again. When portable gates are folded, they’ll roll through any entryway and can be stored in a closet!

Portable Security Gates from Tampa Bay Security Door Gates are perfect for providing temporary access control in any area — including entryways, hallways, warehouse bay doors, retail isle access control — anywhere temporary access control is needed!

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Store-Front Security Gates

Storefront Scissor Style Security GatesMaximum security storefront gates are an instant answer to loss deterrence and access control for any retail location. This particular store-front security scissor gate contains 2 times as much steel as our standard heavy duty security gates, utilizing a mixture of vertical bars and conventional scissor metal webbing to allow total coverage. Each folding gate is designed with a continuous frame on all sides for superior support, including both fixed, or folding top and bottom tracks.

Our Store Front Security Gates come standard with a fully galvanized, weather-resistant finish and each steel gate is custom built correctly fit our clients required specifications, while providing safety and security that can fit into any budget.

Storefront Folding Window Security Gates

Storefront Window Security Gate Sales
Folding Storefront Folding Scissor Gate Sales, Installation & Custom Design Services. Made 100% In The USA

Folding Scissor Security Gate Design ServicesFolding Storefront Window Security Gates
Use This Site Survey Form When Ordering (Lazy Tong Single Folding Gates)

All Window Security Gate Models (for all Lazy Tong scissor gates purchased)

1. Exact width of opening (refer to diagram):

A-B ____________ & C-D _________________

2. Cylinder lock _________ or Hasp for Padlock ___________

3. Face mount___________ or Jamb mount___________

4. For SINGLE GATES only: Lock Left ________ or Lock Right ________

5. Stack width space available? ______________________
Gates lose 6” in height when fully extended.

6. Finish of the gate _____Standard Galvanized ______Powder Coated __________________Color______________

7. Installation on the INSIDE _______ or OUTSIDE ______ of the building?
Heavy Duty Lazy Tong Dock and Door Folding Security Gates only

8. If installing inside, do we need to clear overhead door track? If YES, special

brackets are required, part # GAT-9-INL-ANG

Heavy Duty TOP TRACK Folding Scissor Gates only

9. Exact height from floor to top of track (refer to diagram)
A – C _______________ & B –D __________________
(Top Track is 2 ½” high)

10. Double check if there is an existing door closer that would interfere with the gate.

Customized and Special Storefront Window Gates are non refundable.

Security Folding Gates

Commercial Folding Security Door GatesSecurity Folding Gates limit right of entry to hallways and warehouse areas without limiting exposure to air or block visibility. Businesses with warehouses commonly use folding security gates to guard halls, structure entrances, loading dock doors and rear entrances to commercial businesses. Learning services and medical care companies also use them to confine building admission after regular working hours. Residences and industrial companies can also gain from security folding gates when additional precautions are needed and determined appropriate.

Our basic gate design is that of an interlocking web of steel, steel aircraft grade rivets are riveted back to back to offer a powerful blockade against burglary and to survive contact to the elements. Gates Open’s standard sizes range from 4-1/2′ wide by 5-1/2′ high single gates to 16′ wide by 8-1/2′ high double gates. Folding door scissor gates are made for door openings between 24″ to 48″ wide in heights from 61″ to 83″. Portable folding scissor gates are available in sizes 6 and 12 feet wide. Gates Open also offers custom made single and double folding gates up to 10′ high.

Folding Security Door Gates
Our folding door gates are designed to secure door openings ranging from 24″ to 48″ wide and 61″ to 83″ high. They provide an exclusive reversible hinge design that allows gates to be installed to either the right side or the left side of the doorway in either the casing or the face of the opening. Our folding security door gates include a locking bar that can be secured with a combination lock. When not in use, the scissor gate will pivot 180 degrees out of the way when open.

Single Folding Security Gates
Our one piece folding gates are intended for standard openings, measuring 4-1/2′ to 7-1/2′ wide and up to 8′ in height. Single folding security gates are shipped preconfigured to lock on the left but Gates Open can custom make them to lock on the right side. A ball bearing caster, welded to the lead rail of the gate, is used to assist in the expansion and withdrawal of the gate. Like door gates, single gates will pivot 180 degrees when not in use. To make up for the loss of door anchor when the gate is stretched open, a drop pin holds the center of the folding gate in place.

Double Folding Security Gates
These gates are necessary for larger openings, overhead doors, dock doors, storefronts, and bay doors in factories and warehouses. These two-piece gates can be custom fitted to any size width, and a maximum height of 10′. Because they are Double Gates, each side will pivot 180 degrees out of the way, allowing the gates to be used with dock and overhead doors in industrial facilities that need an unobstructed passage for vehicles and material handling equipment to pass through.

Portable Folding Security Gates
Movable gates are routinely used in schools and medical facilities to close off hallways, eating areas, and restrictive areas within industrial or commercial businesses. They offer a two piece design consisting of dual 6′ X 6.5′ sections. They are easy to install because they are designed for standard door heights and be can be folded up for suitable storage. For particularly large entrances or hallways, additional 6′ sections can be added on.

Security Folding Gates

Over 1000 Prefabricated Security Scissor Gates In Stock & Ready To ShipOur folding security gates offer extra layers of defense and safety for workers and visitors. Our security gates can be installed in less than 30 minutes (click here to see our installation video). Our commercial gates will provide years of performance and service. Each folding security gate is made of heavy-gauge galvanized steel and is a perfect solution for warehouse dock doors with limited space and to manage your environment by protecting sensitive and secure areas from theft, pilfering, and trespassing. Folding security gates allow fresh air to enter the building, creating a more comfortable work environment. Gates, when folded, tuck neatly against the wall.

Security Gate Applications:
Loading docks, warehouses, shipping and receiving doors, personnel entrances, retail stores, storefront glass windows, pawn shops, jewelry stores, shopping centers, hospitals, malls and more.

Folding security gates provides a quick & easy way to control unwanted traffic, inventory theft, improve efficiency, prevent damage to equipment and separate work environments.

If you can not find what you’re looking for we can custom make security gates to secure your specific area. Call one of our security gate experts for a FREE QUOTE.
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Commercial Folding Security Gates

Industrial & Commercial Folding Security GateThis Chicago store front model contains twice as much galvanized steel as our normal heavy duty gates, utilizing a mixture of vertical bars and conventional scissor style webbing to permit total coverage. Our gates are planned with a continuous frame on all sides for better-quality support, including both fixed, or folding top and bottom tracks.

Our Store front security gates come standard with a completely galvanized, weather and rust resistant finish and each gate is custom built to correctly fit our customer’s required space to secure, while providing safety and security that can fit into any budget. We have over 1000 folding security gates in stock and ready to ship.

If you can not find what your looking for call one our security gate specialists and we will find it for you. #foldingsecuritygates

By Lynda Mock

Are Accordion Security Gates A Good Investment?

Warehouse Security GateCommercial loading docks, warehouses, industrial service corridors, and industrial unit receiving areas also need to be protected against unlawful entry. Accordion security gates are the top way to do this in many environments wherever chemicals and sensitive goods are stored.  These substances may be extremely unstable, creates toxic fumes, or be subject to heat degradation if they are not correctly ventilated.  Industrial accordion style security gates obstruct illegal access without blocking air flow.

Accordion gates can also manage access to products, intellectual property, and in some cases, protect employee safety.  One of the most frequent applications for security access gates is to restrict access to retail supply rooms.  Unless an employee is approved access to the stockroom by management, inventory remains safe from inside theft.  Intellectual property in businesses can also be secured with accordion gates.  Many educational facilities and churches use these gates to direct crowds through their buildings by sealing off select entry points during events.

There are both fixed position and portable scissor gates, and a wide range of models you can choose from in each of the three major categories.  Call today for more information on pricing and applications. We always furnish FREE QUOTES.



Are Folding Security Gates A Good Investment?

Storefront Retractable Folding Scissor GatesSecurity Gates Are A Visible Deterrent To Smash & Rob Criminals!
Business owners are investing in storefront security gates for protection from smash and grab criminals and lower their insurance rates at the same time. Recent criminal activity statistics show a break-in takes place every 4 seconds in the United States. In New York you have a 1 in 16 probability of having an unlawful break-in taking place to your business or home. Security cameras can help to catch the criminals after the damage has been done however they actually do not help to avoid a criminal activity from happening.

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Why Are Security Gates More of a Deterrent Than Burglar Alarms Or Security Cameras?
Burglar alarms and security cameras are certainly not visible deterrents in high crime regions and police can not respond to all legitimate calls in timely manner. The result is your property is entered and the  damage is done to your home or business. As a result, property and goods are stolen and the thieves may be caught later on with the aid of the security camera recording.

On the other hand, observable protection to warehouse bay doors, storefront and home retractable window gates are an obvious crime prevention tool that will without doubt keep your home or business protected. Tampa Bay Security Gates can assist you with all your visible security gate needs.

Why Galvanized Steel Folding Security Gates?
Our heavy duty galvanized scissor security gates can stand up to the harshest weather and  are rust resistance. Tampa Bays folding security gates have a  coating that adheres to steel 10 times stronger than paint that means they’ll be virtually maintenance free.

If you cannot find what your looking for please call our gate experts to receive a FREE QUOTEAll gates are manufactured 100% in the USA. We also can build you a custom made security gates to meet your specifications.

Learn How Folding Security Gates Can Save You Money!

Gallvanized Warehous Doorway Folding Security Gates Made 100% In The USA

gate-quote-buttonGalvanized Iron Security Folding Gates.

Secure Your Warehouse Bay Doors With High Quality Galvanized Iron Seucity Gates To Prevent Intruders From Entry To Restricted Areas While Protecting Worker Safety.

Folding gates offer optimum level of security against threats. Now days folding security gates are made of high quality galvanized steel gates that have the potential to protect your business or home form.

Listed Below Are Some Of The Benefits Of Industrial Folding Gates:

  • Can be installed virtually anywhere.
  • Scissor style gates maintain proper ventilation by allowing outside air and light to pass through.
  • Gates are manufactured with galvanized heavy duty steel that can stand up to any intruders and anything Mother Nature can hand out.
  • Can be folded within small dimensions.
  • Manufactured with hardened galvanized steel
  • Provide A Higher Level Of Security

Security Gates Have Many Applications Including:

  • Manufacturing and warehouse facilities
  • Storefront doors and windows
  • Distribution centers and aisle control in grocery stores
  • Education and health care institutions and in
  • Residential homes
  • Office buildings.
  • Warehouse loading dock doors.
  • Health care institutions
  • Government building
  • Factories
  • Hotels
  • Apartments buildings, condominiums and hotels
  • Food courts
  • Building Access Control
  • Restrooms, kitchens, washrooms, train stations
  • Community centers

If you cannot find what your looking for please call our security gate experts to receive a FREE QUOTE. All gates are manufactured 100% in the USA. We also can build you a custom made security gates to meet your specifications.

Galvanized Steel Folding Security Gates

Galvanized Steel Folding Folding Security Gates 100% Made In The USATampa Bay Security Gates are a strong, decorative and cost effective barrier to protect your business or commercial space, a single entry point or an entire zone that provides optimum defense and full proof security. Built with hardened high grade heavy duty galvanized steel with the flexibility of folding or retracting and can be customized to meet the needs of virtually and application. Security gate are your first line of defense against burglars, forced entry and inventory loss.

Folding Scissor Gate Applications:
• Retail storefront
• Warehouse front and back doors
• Windows
• Shopping malls
• Industrial plant security barriers
• Warehouse loading dock doors
• Portable access control gates
• Airports
• Schools
• Hospitals

We have over 1000 folding security gates, in stock and ready to ship. Give our security gates expert a call for a free quote. We also can custom build and security gate to meet your specifications. All of our gates are 100% made in the USA.