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Storefront Window Security Gate Sales
Folding Storefront Folding Scissor Gate Sales, Installation & Custom Design Services. Made 100% In The USA

Folding Scissor Security Gate Design ServicesFolding Storefront Window Security Gates
Use This Site Survey Form When Ordering (Lazy Tong Single Folding Gates)

All Window Security Gate Models (for all Lazy Tong scissor gates purchased)

1. Exact width of opening (refer to diagram):

A-B ____________ & C-D _________________

2. Cylinder lock _________ or Hasp for Padlock ___________

3. Face mount___________ or Jamb mount___________

4. For SINGLE GATES only: Lock Left ________ or Lock Right ________

5. Stack width space available? ______________________
Gates lose 6” in height when fully extended.

6. Finish of the gate _____Standard Galvanized ______Powder Coated __________________Color______________

7. Installation on the INSIDE _______ or OUTSIDE ______ of the building?
Heavy Duty Lazy Tong Dock and Door Folding Security Gates only

8. If installing inside, do we need to clear overhead door track? If YES, special

brackets are required, part # GAT-9-INL-ANG

Heavy Duty TOP TRACK Folding Scissor Gates only

9. Exact height from floor to top of track (refer to diagram)
A – C _______________ & B –D __________________
(Top Track is 2 ½” high)

10. Double check if there is an existing door closer that would interfere with the gate.

Customized and Special Storefront Window Gates are non refundable.

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