Security Window Gates

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Keep you business safe after hours with folding window security gates.

Security window gates serve areas that require medium to high security levels like midsize office building and retail storefronts  They generally come in a scissor or folding lattice. Our gates are strong and secure because they are made of galvanized steel.


Window security gates allow visibility, light and air into warehouses while keeping away forced entry or intrusion at the same time. All of our gates are manually operated with multiple locking options and are insurance approved. We also offer security door collapsible gates that are also made of from galvanized steel for extra strength.

Security window gates offer the much needed flexibility to secure windows or doors for your business. Window gates can collapsible and fold out of the way. In times of emergency collapsible door and window security gates can prove to be a boon as it can be set  to open and close with ease and speed.

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